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“To me, the most beneficial things about living at PLS are reliability and convenience. Everything a home needs is available, making the transition from college student to professional much easier. My favorites perks are full access to the gym, theatre, computer lab and even a community room where we can host events. With so much offered, I can’t think of a better way for a college student to live.”

                                                                           ~ Kayana, Senior

“Living at PLS enriched my college experience in ways beyond belief. My friends and I are impressed daily. PLS offers a great social environment and plenty of perks. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!"

                                                                                             ~ Ryan, Junior

“I have to say - I love PLS and everything they offer! The events are awesome, the amenities are amazing, and the friends I've made are irreplaceable!”

                                                                                            ~ Alexa, Junior

"I absolutely love PLS because of the great people, incredible amenities, and fantastic price. If you’re an Oswego college student who likes luxury, fun, and affordability, there’s honestly no better place to live!"
                                                                           ~ Skylee, Junior

"When deciding where to live for my senior year, I narrowed it down to The Village and PLS. For me, it wasn’t a tough call. I chose PLS. It felt like home and offered so much. I was comfortable. I could relax and not stress about school, all while enjoying a lot of extra perks. You don't always get peace of mind and perks in The Village. I definitely made the right choice living at PLS!"

                                                                                            ~ Jayme, Senior

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