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SUNY Oswego Cliff Notes

Throughout the past several years, Oswego, N.Y. has soared to the top of the charts across the Central New York region, as one of the areas favorites for off-campus college housing due to SUNY Oswego's Campus expansion projects. With two brand new venues opened since 2010 and one more on the way, the off-campus housing market is very competitive in this area.

For college students looking to experience the benefits that come with off-campus living, every SUNY Oswego ‘resident’ begs the question as to which location is the favorite. It is really an easy choice to make when you do a simple compare and contrast.

At first glance, this may seem like a tough decision to make, but it is an easy choice when a simple compare and contrast is done.

The VIllage

The Village, opened by SUNY Oswego’s Residence Life and Housing in 2010, is located west of Glimerglass Lagoon. The immediate disadvantage for those looking for off-campus living? The Village is located only a mere 200 yards from SUNY Oswego’s most-populated venues, not completely allowing students to escape from the often hectic feel that comes with on-campus living.

The Village is literally that, a town of its own. Home to nearly 350 students from SUNY Oswego, each townhouse offers single bedrooms, shared bathrooms, full kitchens and laundry. The ‘off-campus’ feel is there, and while the on-campus benefit may come with the Village, you’re going to pay the price too; a price that’s over $4,000.00 more than its competitors.

Living close to campus practically under the roof of SUNY Oswego itself presents many other disadvantages, including your not so ‘off-campus’ living being completely closed during breaks. Pre-registration and student eligibility requirements are also a must, creating further hassle for student hopefuls, or juniors and seniors aiming to make the transition to The Village.

Not only is the price problematic for most of those living on a college student’s budget, living under the roof of SUNY Oswego presents other disadvantages. The Village, like all other on-campus housing, closes during breaks leaving its residents to move all of their belongings home, or forces them to go without them until school resumes. Pre-registration and student eligibility requirements are also a must, creating further hassle for prospective SUNY Oswego students, as well as existing Juniors and Seniors aiming to make the transition to The Village from dorm life.

On the positive side, several amenities are included such as the aforementioned kitchens and bathrooms. The apartments are fully furnished with couches, chairs, love seats, and more, including a washer and dryer. Your apartment will also have air conditioning, cable, and wifi, but don’t expect to find a flat screen tv waiting for you when you turn the key. You’ll have to bring your own.

That short walk to campus, being on the city’s bus route, and free parking sure are nice perks, but if you’re looking for the ‘extra mile’ that comes with some of the most popular off-campus housing destinations, you’ll need to look the other way. As the Village may be its own ‘Village,’ the apartments and facilities, although beautifully well kept, do not come with a very unique feel.

Unlike Premier Living Suites, the Village offers little to no extra amenities such as a Fitness Center, Computer Lab, Dining Room, and Student Lounge. You are paying the higher price to live in an apartment on campus; that is basically the tricked out version of a dorm room.

Couple the lack of amenities with the tall price of $1,079 for a standard apartment, plus the frequent foot traffic that comes with living so close to campus, and this pricey not so off-campus feel is hardly worth it.

Couple the lack of amenities with the tall price of $1,300.00 per month, and the frequent foot traffic that comes along with on-campus living, this pricey, not so off-campus feel is hardly worth it.

Premier Living Suites

At Premier Living Suites, a division of Furlong Properties located adjacent to Oswego High School, you will find the ultimate destination for off-campus amenities and events for a more reasonable price and the cheapest you will see at only $790 a month for a standard single apartment.

Owners Greg and Pat Furlong have gone the extra mile to ensure Premier Living Suites is the area’s top choice when it comes to off-campus living and this location is truly the only off-campus housing facility for SUNY Oswego, located about a half mile away, but still just a short 10 to 15 minute walk or 3 minute bus ride to the center of campus.

Offering a safe, fun, and luxurious ‘just like home’ feel in one central location, Premier Living Suites offers rare opportunities and head-turning features that will make every SUNY Oswego student take the extra step in making this state of the art facility their new home.

Unlike its competitors, Premier Living Suites has no eligibility requirements, and pre-registration is not required. Want to stay close to campus during breaks? No problem, this location remains open and is also on the Centro bus route.

Looking for all the extra amenities not offered by the Village? You got it! When you enter your new apartment using your key card, you’ll find a spacious, fully furnished area that offers the feeling of being right at home. And oh, a nice new flat screen TV as well!

Premier Living Suites’ apartments offer two double bedrooms, two private bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, love seats, a couch, not to mention unique outdoor patios and balconies complete with even more furniture for your convenience. Air conditioning is also included for the first few weeks of school when you are trying to move your massive amount of belongings into your apartment.

A Semester Care Package and Meal Plan are all available with your lease agreement, plus frequent giveaways, cash prizes, contests, parties and events hosted by a friendly on-site property manager who is available every day for assistance during business hours.

Premier Living Suites also offers a meal plan which includes catered dinners on Monday, plus Pizza Nights on Fridays, coupled with Continental Breakfast every week day, giving you the resort hotel type feel.

The list of amenities at Premier Living Suites is eye opening, including its impressive 32-seat movie theater which includes a library of over 100 Blu-Ray Discs plus more on demand as well as 24/7 television available in the theater. Kick back in the reclining chair and pick your favorite flick! A game room, with brand new PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii is located right next door.

When you step out into the spacious area downstairs, always open to residents, you will then find a 24/7 free on-site fitness center, a student lounge, dining room and cafe, recreation center and dance room, air hockey, table tennis, darts, flat screens, and much more. You’ll feel safe all the time too, with dozens of state of the art security cameras located in every common area and stairwell of the building, plus keycard only access after business hours.

Not enough? There is a full parking lot at PLS, plus a free shuttle to campus. A downstairs kitchenette on top of the one already in your room complete with a popcorn machine for some of your favorite movies. Employment opportunities, exclusively for PLS tenants, are two other perks you will not find anywhere else.

Why in the world would you not want all this, not to mention for much less than you’re going to pay at The Village?

Couple all of the extra offers, space, amenities, giveaways and perks that PLS has compared to your other two choices, and it’s an easy pick for a reasonable price. Premier Living Suites is Oswego’s #1 choice for off-campus college housing.

Please come in, make yourself comfortable, and see all that Premier Living Suites has to offer for SUNY Oswego students.

Call Today for a Tour 1.315.773.6437.

About Premier Living Suites

Located at 247 West Utica St in Oswego, NY, Premier Living Suite offers 18 four-bedroom suite-styled apartments featuring an eat-in kitchen, two bathrooms per apartment, a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a dining room table set, couches, flat screen TVs, a full-sized bed, desk, 6' bedroom closets with double hanging racks and a large balcony complete with a patio set. All this provides a home away from home environment for SUNY Oswego College Students that is both conducive to learning and balances the suite life while offering a fun and friendly social community which including a movie theater, dance studio, 24/7 fitness center, computer lab, study lounge, recreation area, gaming room and so much more. For more information, visit

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