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Top 5 Reasons to Move Off-Campus

For SUNY Oswego students, becoming an upperclassman means having the option to move off-campus. This is a big (and sometimes difficult) decision to make, which is why Premier Living Suites, a luxury off-campus housing option for students, has outlined the top five reasons to make the move to off-campus living.

By choosing PLS, you’ll be able to save money, have more freedom, have access to incredible amenities, and have more space, all while staying connected to campus. The best part? It’s all under one roof!

1. You’ll save (a lot of) money

College-owned housing has its conveniences, but it comes with a higher price. SUNY Oswego students pay approximately $14,600 each year in just room and board alone. What if we told you that we could cut this cost nearly in half?

At PLS, our luxury off-campus apartments offer a safe, fun, and affordable solution. Our student apartments start at just $699 a month! Plus, you’ll be able to ditch that expensive meal plan and enjoy seven meals per week on us.

To maximize affordability, PLS offers 10 or 12-month lease options!

2. You’ll have more freedom (and responsibility)

No more RAs, boring dining hall, or sharing small spaces. At PLS, you’ll have more freedom! You’ll be able to stay on breaks, make your own food, and share living areas with your best friends.

To keep our residents safe, PLS has swipe card entrances, keypad locks on each bedroom door, and 24/7 surveillance in all entrances and hallways.

3. The amenities are endless

At PLS, the amenities are seemingly endless. Your utilities are included, as well as access to our 24/7 fitness center, computer lab with free and unlimited printing, care packages each semester, a comfortable study lounge, game and movie rooms, and a recreation area complete with air hockey, darts, and more.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the outside fire pit and grill area, monthly events, frequent giveaways, air conditioning, and easy access to campus with the PLS shuttle!

At PLS, parking is free and always guaranteed! Plus, PLS offers continental breakfast Monday through Friday, as well as catered dinner each Monday and pizza every Friday! Who doesn’t love free food?

4. You’ll have more space

Are you tired of sharing a tiny room and bathroom with your entire floor? At PLS, we offer 18 fully-furnished student apartments.

You’ll have more space with your own private bedroom, double size bed, and a walk-in closet. Each apartment has a fully-applianced kitchen, two bathrooms, and a washer and dryer in every unit.

5. You’ll still be connected to campus

Moving off-campus might seem overwhelming and scary, but at PLS, you’ll still be connected to campus. As a resident, you’ll be living under the same roof as many other SUNY Oswego students!

PLS has a safe walking path with sidewalks to campus. Residents are able to enjoy access to campus with our anytime shuttle. In just three minutes, we can get you anywhere on campus! Our luxury student apartments are along the Centro route, connecting you to all of the amazing things Oswego, NY has to offer.

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